HKMA Yau Tsim Mong Community Network

HKMA Community Network Diabetic Program

The Community Network Diabetic Program was developed by the HKMA YauTsimMong and the Kwun Tong Network. This program was the HKMA initiative to combat the global 'diabetic epidemic'.

Diabetes mellitus is a very common disease in Hong Kong. One in ten adults in Hong Kong is affected by diabetes mellitus and for people over 65 years, over 20% are affected. This high disease rate occurs not only in Hong Kong, but also in the whole of Asia and indeed the whole world. The incidence is also increasing over the past decades. The causes include increase in the amount of food available as the economy improves and the reduction in exercise activity because of more sedentary life style with the availability of cars for transport and lifts in buildings etc.

Diabetes is costly to the society because of its plethora of complications like blindness, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and limbs damage. In Hong Kong, over 400 new patients need dialysis kidney treatment each year due to diabetic kidney disease and this causes a great strain to the medical resources.

The complete treatment of diabetes mellitus requires a team of family doctors, specialists (eye, kidney, heart specialist etc), diabetic nurses, foot specialists and dietitian. The patients would also need to change their life style which include stopping smoking, regular exercise, healthy diet and following the treatment instruction by doctors. The HKMA community network diabetic program hoped to address part of these problems.