"The Funtastics" ( ѹx ) - 2007 Trailwalker Team No. 0206
~ Prof. CHOW Shew Ping

The four of us (Drs. Sung Wing Choon, Ong Saw Yoong, SP Chow, David Kwan) have an aggregate age of 268 years. That must be a world record! But no worry. Three of us had done the trailwalk before and the fourth one, Dr. Sung who is husband of Dr. Ong, is the champion in the senior division of World Masters Games in Badminton. The whole idea started when Dr. Ong broke her nose during the trailwalk in 2004 and had to be lifted by helicopter to hospital. Even on the helicopter, she decided she must complete the walk one last time. Her teammate, SP Chow thought that it would be a great opportunity to set a world record of having four really senior members to form a team. So Dr. Ong's very supporting husband had to be volunteered in. When the news spread out, there was no difficulty in recruiting the fourth member Dr. David Kwan who is a seasoned walker and our official photographer during our training session.

Since the whole aim is to complete the walk as an intact team, we have decided to finish it in 47 hour 59 minutes. This would mean that we shall be sleeping for a few hours in a colleague's house in Sai Kung, and also another long break at Drs. Sung and Ong's house on Tai Po Road. A little champagne and some good food to be prepared by Cissy Yu will help us to sleep better. Since long rest may cause tightness of the muscles, we are seriously considering securing the service of an official masseur or a caring physiotherapist. Anna Yung will also be preparing some of her home-made power gel for us - the vegetarian sausage ( ). Au Yiu Kai may be holding a giant lamp to accompany part of the night walks. A few friends will help carry the bags for us during some difficult sections. We want to show people that the trailwalk can be easily completed if we take it easy and build in a lot of festivities. Dr. Ong therefore suggested the name "The Funtastic Four" for the team. However, to include all other supporting members, we finally choose the name "The Funtastics". So you see, this mission cannot fail.

In fact, SP Chow and David Kwan were so confident about the success of the walk that they did not bother to train properly in the past few months. While Drs. Sung and Ong were training every day, SP chow and David only did the practice sessions once every two to three weeks and continue to feast in between, gaining a pound or two of body weight. To their horror, during the recent two practice sessions, they found that the two more senior members had to wait for them. The initial worry that Drs. Sung and Ong may have a struggle with the walk turns out to be the opposite.

As for fund-raising, we will not worry too much about it. David Kwan's team was the fund-raising champion for last year, and SP Chow's team was champion on both occasions when he walked. We are actually contemplating donating a cup to the most senior team (aggregate age) that can complete the whole walk. That would mean donating the cup to ourselves if we start the cup this year!