Race REPORT Hackers Senior - team 0215
Trailwalker 2007 - A meaningful journey-- by Billy OH

Trailwalker 2007.... And when all was done, the finishing line touched, the count down ended, and the curtains fellK. our pensive minds in the days and weeks thereafter would keep rushing back to memories of it and the struggle through the night up in the hills. Indeed it was likened to a journey just like in the real journey in life itself, but in miniature. To succeed required the smooth interplay of human emotions, weaknesses, and wicked pride - all needed to be corked, suppressed and controlled by common sense and Divine commandments just like in the real life itself.

We fought the good fight and ran the good race.... And yet at the finishing line there was a feeling of 'deja vu' of meaninglessness just like again in the real life - meaningless, meaningless all meaningless; vanity of vanities, all vanity. The pain on our legs as we struggled up the hills, the sweat on our brows as we laboured in the hot sun in the race against time to cover as much ground as possible, and seeing the equally sorry state of our fellow compatriots, were all like "a labour under the sun and the chasing after the wind ". ... But not to have done it, to remain idle and to do nothing would equally be meaningless; and worse because with time abundance on hand we might fall into other temptations, sins and ills; and these would consume our own flesh; and we would be fools.

So through the wilderness of Hong Kong we ran, across the rugged plains and valleys to the highest mountain of Tai Mo Shan in sweat and pain to the limits of endurance; and like such be so reminded of the hardship and tears of everyone else in the real life. And of Oxfam in her fight against poverty to lighten the woes of the less fortunate. Up in the hills, in the loneliness of the night, through teary eyes staring into the misty taste of murky moonshine, we thought of you and everyone else with much love, compassion and pleasant thoughts; all encompassed in a wholesome forgiving heart knowing your struggles in the real life would have been of no lesser intensities. The pain, sweat, blood and tears were worthy for the cause and willingly shed with joy. It was an experience to be cherished, an experience of all experiences to be remembered for years to come.

Thank you to all my team-mates. It was both despite of and because of all our many idiosyncrasies that we made it to the finish. Thank you to all our sponsors. Your generous sponsorship made the difference. Salute to all our supporters. Their timely presence in the thick of the most trying situations had kept us alive and motivated. And it might be fitting to conclude with a quote "Don't let it be forgotten that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Trailwalker 2007" K oops or was it Camelot? ... or K Yes! ... The Garden of Eden !

Thank you for reading and bearing with me so far.

Blessings and cheers

May we all journey on with the rest of the journey.