Topic: Kidney Diseases and GOUT

Date: Thursday, 5 January 2017
Venue: Methodist Epworth Village Community Centre, Social Welfare Hing Wah Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
Speaker: Dr. CHOI Kin (President of the Hong Kong Medical Association, Nephrologist)

The "Health Academy for the Elderly" has been commenced on Thursday, 5 January 2017 featured with the first "Elderly diseases" course - "Kidney Diseases and GOUT". Dr. CHOI Kin, the HKMA President cum Nephrologist presented the health knowledge on kidney Diseases and gout. The event was well-received and welcomed by the students who were highly attentive to the lecture and showed great enthusiasm to raise questions and answer quizzes.

Dr. CHOI Kin presented on the health knowledge on kidney Diseases and gout   Students were attentive to Dr. CHOI's lecture