The first session of "Get to Know Dementia" training course

Date: Thursday, 23 February
Venue: Methodist Epworth Village Community Centre, Social Welfare Hing Wah Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
Speaker: Dr. CHAN Nim Tak, Douglas (Co-chairman of the Sub-Committee of the Community Health Academy and General Practitioner)

Since security personnel play an important role in preventing residents with dementia from getting lost and being involved in accidents, Dr. CHAN Nim Tak, Douglas was invited to give a talk on "Get to Know Dementia" for the security personnel working in Hing Wah Estate II. The talk focused on introducing the symptoms of dementia, communication tips with the patients, and tips on providing assistance to the residents with dementia when they are on duty.

Dr. CHAN Nim Tak, Douglas representing the Community
Health Academy to present the Certificate of
Appreciation to Ms. Nancy KAO, representative of
Unimax Property Consultancy Ltd
  Dr. CHAN Nim Tak helped raising the security
personnel's awareness on dementia through the lecture
Dr. Douglas CHAN taking a group photo with the
security personnel