The third session of "Elderly Diseases" course

Topic: Depression in elderly
Date: Thursday, 9 March 2017
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Venue: Methodist Epworth Village Community Centre, Social Welfare Hing Wah Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
Speaker: Dr. CHAN Nim Tak, Douglas (Co-chairman of the Sub-Committee of the Community Health Academy and General Practitioner)

The third "Elderly Diseases" course titled "Depression in Elderly" of the Health Academy for the Elderly was held on 9 March 2017. Dr. CHAN Nim Tak, Douglas presented on the syndrome of depression, how to deal with elderly depression, medication and other treatments. A total of 55 students attended the lecture showed that elderly depression is a highly concerned topic among the elderly. In the Q & A session, Dr. CHAN corrected students' misconception about depression and guided them to a proper understanding of the disease.

Dr. Douglas CHAN presented on the knowledge about elderly depression   Elderly student learned more about elderly depression by taking initiative to ask question
Dr. Douglas CHAN cleared the queries on depression from the elderly students