The Ninth and Tenth Session of "Carers Support Workshops"
Topic: (1) Communication Skills (Session 2)
(2) Breath and Balance
Date: Saturday, 19 August 2017
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm & 3:15 - 4:15 pm
Venue: Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Chai Wan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (Yuet Chui Court)
Speaker: Ms. Irene GOT (Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Medical Association)
Ms. Hannah HUI (Yoga Instructor)

The ninth "Carers Support Workshops" titled "Communication Skills (Session 2)" was held on 19 August and again, Ms. Irene GOT was the speaker for the session. In the first session of "Communication Skills" held in June, carers were taught on the importance of trust in the communication and learnt the skills when communicating with elders. In this session, Ms. Irene GOT brought out different scenarios on carers looking after their care recipients. Participants were guided to think about their roles as carers and their care recipients' perspective through the role play section, in which enhanced their capability on solving caregiving problems.

Another "Carers Support Workshops" was held in the same afternoon. Ms. Hannah HUI, Yoga Instructor, was invited again to be the instructor and she taught carers on improving their breathing and balancing techniques. Carers also learnt "Abdominal Breathing" and "Thoratic Breathing" that can enable them to make use of the proper breathing methods to relax their exhausted body.

Participants forming into two groups to design the scripts for different scenarios   Two participants acting as carer and care recipient
Ms. Hannah HUI, Yoga Instructor, guiding participants to practise the breathing and balancing techniques