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The Hong Kong Medical Association appeals to all Members to support our signatory campaign for a TOTAL BAN of E-Cigarettes and Other New Tobacco Products including heat-not-burn (HNB) tobacco products. Please try your best to encourage your patients, families and friends to sign and support!

醫生組織 - 前線醫生聯盟、政府醫生協會、香港公共醫療醫生協會、香港女醫生協會、香港醫務委員會執照醫生協會
醫療機構 - 盈健醫療
Supporting Organizations:
Doctors Organisations - Frontline Doctors’ Union, Government Doctors’ Association, Hong Kong Public Doctors’ Association, Hong Kong Women Doctors Association, The Association of Licentiates of Medical Council of Hong Kong
Medical Groups - Human Health Group

香港醫學會的立場: 立法全面禁止電子煙及其他新煙草產品
The HKMA Position: Legislate for a Total Ban of E-Cigarettes and other New Tobacco Products