The HKMA Community Network

Central Coordinators:

Dr. CHAN Yee Shing, Alvin
Dr. CHENG Chi Man
Dr. HO Chung Ping, MH, JP
Dr. YEUNG Hip Wo, Victor

The community networks built in the districts during the outbreak of SARS in 2003 will be reinforced to support the health education activities and community health services at the district level. The Central Coordinators would renew the liaisons with the Hospital Authority, the Department of Health, the Home Affairs Bureau and Department, the Education and Manpower Bureau as well as various non-governmental Organizations to facilitate the development of the network in the districts. As each district has its own strengths and opportunities, they are encouraged to develop programs to fit the need of the community there. The Central Coordinators would establish resource development working groups to support these programs.


HKMA Beat Drugs Project

The HKMA Beat Drugs Project consists of two schemes: "Beat Drug Star" Scheme and "Beat Drug Friend" Scheme. We hope the Project can facilitate the coordination among the HKMA Community Network, the Government, Federation of Parent-Teacher Associations (FPTAs), Counselling Centres for Psychotropic Substance Abusers (CCPSAs) and the District Youth Outreaching Social Work Teams (YOTs) to achieve the ultimate goal of helping high-risk youths and young drug abusers.

"Beat Drug Star" Scheme is a medical approach which involves doctors who completed training courses on management of drug abuse patients and are willing to conduct motivational interviews with the high-risk youths and drug addicts. The participating doctors will be given a "Beat Drug Star" logo to be posted outside their clinics for patients' reference and equipped with a Protocol for handling cases.

"Beat Drug Friend" Scheme is a social approach which involves doctors who are willing to do voluntary work and participate in leisure activities with youngsters, i.e. to deliver health talks, sing karaoke, play ball games, become life mentors, etc to encourage healthy social development and cultivate positive attitudes of the youngsters.

World Alzheimer's Month (Hong Kong Chapter)

Press Conference
In view of that Alzheimer's Disease is becoming more prevalent in Hong Kong, we had collaborated with the Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association in launching training for medical practitioners to enable early detection, timely diagnosis and treatment for the population with symptoms of dementia. A press conference was held on 18 August 2013 to enhance the awareness of the public on Alzheimer's Disease. A public awareness event "6 Arts® Fun Fair" was jointly organized by the two Associations on 29 September 2013 in response to the theme of "Dementia: Journey of Caring" in 2013.

6 Arts® Fun Fair
A public awareness event, "6 Arts® Fun Fair", was conducted on 29 September 2013 within the World Alzheimer's Month, at Citywalk 2 in Tsuen Wan. The 6 Arts® multiple intelligence cognitive stimulation model and its application was being promoted through a series of activities, including health talks, brain health screening, exhibition, booth games and "brain health exercise" demonstration. We hoped to arouse public awareness towards Alzheimer's Disease through this event.