Community Service Committee

Co-chairmen : Dr. CHAN Nim Tak, Douglas
  Dr. PONG Chiu Fai, Jeffrey
    Dr. YEUNG Hip Wo, Victor
Committee Members : Dr. AU Yiu Kai

Dr. CHAN Kit Sheung

Dr. Alvin Y.S. CHAN

Dr. CHENG Chi Man

Dr. CHEUNG Hon Ming

Dr. CHOW Pak Chin, JP

Dr. FUNG Tak Kwan, James

Dr. HO Chung Ping, MH, JP

Dr. IP Wing Yuk, Josephine

Dr. LEUNG Chi Chiu

Dr. WONG Bun Lap, Bernard

Dr. YEUNG Chiu Fat, Henry
Ex-officio : Dr. LAM Tzit Yuen, David

The formation of HKMA Community Service Committee (CSC) in September 2014 was aiming at helping people in need in the community by our voluntary force consists of members and their families. The range of services organized was wide and fun, and service recipients included students with intellectual disabilities, persons with physical disabilities, elderly with dementia and students from underprivileged backgrounds, etc. By taking part in a variety of voluntary projects, members and their families gained memorable experiences and had a deeper understanding on the needs of different populations in the community.

Season's Greetings to Hong Chi (Kick-off event)

On Sunday, 7 December 2014, twenty CSC volunteers enjoyed an early celebration of Christmas with severely intellectual disabled students from Hong Chi Pinehill No. 3 School at Pinehill Village in Tai Po. The Committee donated two new multi-parameter patient monitors to the school and also presented Christmas gifts to the students.

Fall Colors - Exploration with Wheelchairs

On Saturday, 3 January 2015, we were happy to have Dr. HO Chung Ping, MH, JP who became our tour guide to lead 20 CSC volunteers and 10 members of the Hong Kong PHAB Association (PHAB) to enjoy the beautiful scenery of red leaves at Tai Tong.

In order to have a better understanding of employment status of PHAB's members, the CSC Committee visited PHAB's Supported Employment Service Centre on Tuesday, 10 February 2015. The members demonstrated video editing by using the iMacs and Final Cut Pro X video editing software donated by the Committee.

Happy Gathering with the Aged

On Saturday, 25 April 2015, nineteen CSC volunteers visited the elderly with dementia and their family members at St. James' Settlement Wanchai Day Care Centre for the Elderly. The Committee donated iPads, electronic dartboards and indoor gateball sets to the Centre. The volunteers played electronic darts and gateball, and made photo frames and took instant photos with the elderly during the visit. Moreover, they chatted with the family members of the elderly about their concerns and needs.

Hearing Tsz Shan Monastery by Your Heart

On Saturday, 12 September 2015, a total number of 36 HKMA members and their families and 15 members of Hearing Impaired Support Network of the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf joined the visit to Tsz Shan Monastery in Tai Po. A guided tour and the two specially arranged activities, Zen Calligraphy and Zen Drawing, were arranged for the participants.

Medical Students-Secondary School Students Mentorship Scheme

1st Mentorship Programme

A total number of 9 medical students from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have acted as peer mentors to 27 student mentees of PHC Wing Kwong College and YLPMSAA Tang Siu Tong Secondary School, on their goals setting and sharing of their life and learning experiences.

The medical students organized a kick-off event in both schools in early February 2015 to introduce the programme and ice-breaking among mentors and mentees. There were two workshops with respective themes on "public speaking" and "community awareness" organized on Saturdays, 18 April and 16 May 2015.

The 2-day-1-night summer camp was held on 1 and 2 August 2015 in the United College of CUHK. Apart from playing loads of games to keep up the momentum among the youngsters, there was quiet time for mentors and mentees to share their comments and experiences. The feedback from both mentors and mentees were highly positive.

2-day-1-night summer camp (1-2 Aug)

Kick-off event in PHC Wing Kwong College

Kick-off event in Tang Siu Tong Secondary School

Workshop on 16 May 2015

Workshop on 18 April 2015

2nd Mentorship Programme

The 2nd Mentorship Programme has been rolled out in March 2016. We are glad that PHC Wing Kwong College and YLPMSAA Tang Siu Tong Secondary School continued to support the Programme, and welcome the third participating school, Fukien Secondary School (Siu Sai Wan). This year, a total number of 31 mentees from the 3 schools and 19 medical students from HKU and CUHK have been recruited. Two workshops on "public speaking" and "never give up" were organized on 16 April and 21 May 2016 respectively.

Kick-off event in Fukien Secondary School (Siu Sai Wan)


Kick-off event in PHC Wing Kwong College


Kick-off event in YLPMSAA Tang Siu Tong Secondary School


Workshop on 16 April 2016

Workshop on 21 May 2016

English Summer Camp

The English Summer Camp was held in July 2015 offering our members' children/relatives who are studying at secondary schools an opportunity to teach 23 Young Explorers from CCC Kei Tsz Primary School, a local school with students from underprivileged backgrounds. Sixteen Teen Navigators attended a 3-day training programme on 6, 8 and 10 July 2015 to learn teaching and communication skills. The actual teaching sessions including classroom learning and outings at the Peak and Stanley were carried out on 20 - 22 July 2015.

Led by the Teen Navigators, the Young Explorers presented their own designs of new Hong Kong Landmarks, did the role-play scripts and a group singing during the Finale Show cum Recognition Ceremony held on Friday, 24 July 2015 at the Chiang Chen Studio Theatre in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Parents, families and friends of both Teen Navigators and Young Explorers were invited to share the joy and learning moments with the youngsters.

Finale Show cum Recognition Ceremony (24 July 2015)

Teaching Sessions (20-22 July 2015)

Training Sessions (6, 8 & 10 July 2015)