Social Welfare Department - Integrated Family Services

Integrated Family Services Centres (IFSCs) is operated by the Social Welfare Department and subvented non-governmental organizations, to provide a spectrum services to address the multifarious needs of individuals and families of specific localities. With the guiding principles of accessibility, early identification, integration and partnership, the IFSCs are set up to support and strengthen individuals and families through delivering of services under the direction of "child-centred, family-focused and community-based".

An IFSC consists of three major components, namely family resource unit, family support unit and family counselling unit. At present, there is an extensive network of 65 IFSCs over the territory and two Integrated Services Centres in Tung Chung to provide a range of preventive, supportive and remedial family services.

HKMA members can refer to a nearby IFSC in your practising location for the patients in need.

To facilitate doctors for identifying patients that may be in need of social service assistance, a "Behaviour Checklist" has been adapted for their use as a preliminary assessment tool.

For more details, please refer to the Service pamphlet or SWD's website: