Questions February 2016
Clinical Cardiology Series

1. With regard to the above scenario, what is the most likely reason of his shock?
2. Which of the following could explain the development of his new murmur?
3. Hand held echocardiography (Diagram 2) was subsequently done in CCU. There was evidence of infarct at left anterior descending artery territory and his ejection fraction at that time was 40%. There was also a left to right shunt across left ventricular mid to apical septum. Which is the most appropriate treatment plan for this patient?
4. Apart from the treatment plan as above, is there any other therapeutic option available for his scenario?

Dermatology Series

1. What are the differential diagnoses?
2. What is the diagnosis?
3. What is the cause of this condition?
4. How is this skin condition diagnosed?
5. What are the treatment options of this condition?