Questions June 2017
Clinical Cardiology Series

1. Is it always necessary to interrupt anticoagulation in patients undergoing surgical procedures?
2. Creatinine Clearance (CrCl) measurement is necessary to determine the timing of interrupting anticoagulation therapy for the following drugs EXCEPT
3. Pre-operative bridging therapy (unfractionated heparin, UFH or low molecular weight heparin, LMWH) after interruption of anticoagulation is generally NOT necessary for the following drugs EXCEPT
4 Which of the following factors would be strongly in favor of "No Pre-operative Bridging Therapy" after stopping oral anticoagulation?

Dermatology Series

1. What is the clinical diagnosis?
2. What are the differential diagnoses?
3. What are the causes of this skin lesion?
4. How would you confirm the diagnosis?
5. What other investigations would you do?
6 How would you treat this patient?