Online Clinical Case Study (January 2018)

Clinical Cardiology Series

The content of the January Cardiology Series is provided by:
Dr. TAN GuangMing
MBChB, MRCP, FHKCP, FHKAM (Med), Specialist in Cardiology
Dr. CHEUNG Shing Him, Gary
MBBS, MRCP, FHKCP, FHKAM (Med), Specialist in Cardiology

A patient with acute limb swelling

A 65-years-old male taxi driver with good past health presented with one-day onset of acute left lower limb swelling and pain. Figure 1 showed his both lower legs upon presentation. Clinical examination showed palpable 2+ femoral, popliteal and pedal pulses on both lower limbs.

Answer Sheet

Complete Cardiology case 0.5 CME POINT will be awarded for at least 2 correct answers in total

Clinical Cardiology Series臨床心臟科個案研究

1. What is your diagnosis?
A. Acute limb ischemia
B. Critical limb ischemia
C. Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens
D. Phlegmasia Alba Dolens
E. None of the above

2. What imaging will you order?
A. Lower limb venous duplex ultrasound
B. lower limb arterial duplex ultrasound
C. MR Angiography of lower limb
D. XR lower limb
E. A and/or C

3. What will be your initial treatment option?
A. Amputation
B. Unfractionated heparin
C. Leg elevation
D. Open fasciotomy
E. B & C

4.What will be your next step of management?
A. Amputation
B. Open fasciotomy
C. Refer to Interventional Cardiology for endovascular thrombolysis
D. Systemic thrombolysis
E. Oral anticoagulation

Dermatology Series 皮膚科病例研究

Dermatology Series for January 2018 is provided by:
Dr. LEUNG Wai Yiu, Dr. TANG Yuk Ming, William, Dr. CHAN Hau Ngai, Kingsley, Dr. KWAN Chi Keung and Dr. CHANG Mee, Mimi
Specialists in Dermatology & Venereology

A Six-year-old child with multiple itchy papule on his trunk

A six-year-old child presented with six months history of progressive papules on his trunk. Similar lesions were found in his elder brother two months ago. It raised his parent's concern for growing itchiness and pain. On examination, there were multiple pearly papules of 1mm to 3mm on his trunk, and dome shape umbilicus appeared in some individual lesion. No other skin manifestations were found.

Answer Sheet

Complete Dermatology case, 0.5 CME POINT will be awarded for at least 3 correct answers in total

Dermatology Series 皮膚科病例研究

1. What is the clinical diagnosis?
A. Molluscum contagiosum
B. Milia
D. Skin tags

2. These lesions is not contagious. (T/F)

3. How are they transmitted?
A. Direct skin contact
B. Autoinoculation
C. Sexual contact
D. All of the above

4. All of the following findings are compatible with the above clinical diagnosis EXCEPT
A. Involvement of sole and palm
B. Involvement of genitalia
C. May regress spontaneously in months
D. Systemic involvement does not occur

5. What are the treatment options?
A. Topical treatment such as tretinoin cream and trichloracetic acid
B. Physical treatment including curettage, cryotherapy and CO2 laser
C. Reassurance
D. All of the above

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