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As of last year, the HKMA CME Programme is expanded to all HKMA members. All HKMA members will be automatically enrolled in our HKMA CME Programme. For non-members, a registration fee of HK$300 per annum is payable. Registering with the CME Programme will open to you a variety of CME activities including case studies through the monthly CME Bulletin, CME lectures and symposia, small group discussions within regional study groups as well as different formats of CME avenues. You will also be on our CME Register which provides a detailed record of all your CME efforts.

Please complete the Registration and have it returned with the appropriate fee to:

The Hong Kong Medical Association
5/F Duke of Windsor Social Service Building
15 Hennessy Road
Hong Kong

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Regulations for the Award of Certificate of CME

  1. All medical practitioners registered in Hong Kong are eligible to register with the Hong Kong Medical Association Continuing Medical Education Programme (HKMA CME Programme) in each academic year upon payment of an annual fee determined by the Council of the Association. Registrations are accepted year round.

  2. The CME Program is structured on a yearly basis in accordance with the academic year from 1 January to 31 December of the year. Accreditation will be recorded throughout the academic year in the form of credit points awarded for participation in various continuing medical education activities. At the end of each academic year, the total score will be recorded in the member's record.

  3. A Certificate of CME will be awarded to those who have earned at least 30 credit points within an academic year, irrespective of their date of registration, upon payment of an administrative fee to be determined by the Council of the Association, in recognition of individual participants' performance in CME.

  4. Credit points will be awarded to participants attending CME activities organized by the Association or those organized by other organizations and accredited by the CME Accreditation Sub-Committee according to the guidelines set forth by the Medical Council of Hong Kong. Participants can only gain a maximum of 20 points from self-study programme per year.

  5. All CME participants shall have to apply in writing to the CME Accreditation Sub-Committee within one month of the end of the academic year providing all details with relevant proof of attendance issued by the organizing institutions in support of the application, if they want to obtain accreditation for their other educational activities not already recorded. No retrospective accreditation is accepted for CME activities held in Hong Kong which are not yet accredited before their commencement. Decision of the CME Accreditation Sub-Committee shall be final.

The Medical Council of Hong Kong
Continuing Medical Education Programme for Practising Doctors who are not taking CME programme for specialists


Objective of Continuing Medical Education (CME) for practicing doctors

The purpose of CME for practising doctors is to encourage practising doctors who are not taking CME programme for specialists to keep themselves up-to-date on current developments in medical practice so as to maintain a high professional standard.



The Education and Accreditation Committee (E & AC) of the Medical Council has approved a certification programme for CME of practising doctors. This programme is based on a "Credit Point System" with credit points awarded for participation in CME activities recognized by the E & AC of the Medical Council.


3. The Credit Point System

The "Credit Point System" awards credit points in the following categories:

a. Active and Receptive CME
b. Publications
c. Self-study


All doctors registered for certification of their CME activities are required to submit proof of attendance, photocopies of published articles, transcripts of courses taken or documentation of self-study programmes, etc. to the E & AC of the Medical Council through CME Programme Administrators.


CME Point Allocation

  • 2 points per hour for active and 1 point per hour for receptive participation in educational activities.
  • A maximum of 3 points for a half day programme.
  • A maximum of 5 points for a whole day programme.
  • A maximum of 10 points for a programme lasting two or more days.
4. CME Cycle

Registrant doctors are expected to complete a 3-year cycle period of CME activities.
The cycle starts on 1 October 2001 and 1 January and 1 July of every year.
All newly registered medical practitioners are anticipated and encouraged to register.


A minimum of 90 credit points has to be accumulated over a 3-year cycle period, and a minimum of 30 credit points per year is required.


The basic credit point is one point for each hour of participation in CME activities.


Each CME activity claimed can only be accredited credit points under one single CME catergory.


5. Criteria for recognizing (or approving) CME activities
5.1 Active and receptive CME
This includes activities in which a registered doctor participates and may include the following:

Active participation as speaker, chairman, panelist, presenter or passive participation as attendant in any accredited activity (2 pts/hr for active and 1 pt/hr for passive CME).


Participants as teacher/trainer/trainee in formal, non-bedside didactic post-graduate course (2 pts/hr for teacher/trainer and 1 pt/hr for trainee).


Participation in a hands-on clinical course as trainer or trainee in a hospital or clinic (1 pt/hr up to a maximum of 10 pts).


Publication includes papers on public health, clinical and/or academic interest published in professional journals, books and newsletters of professional bodies that have been accredited by the E & AC through CME Programme Accreditors. (2 pts/publication)


This includes self-study programmes such as self-assessment programmes accredited by local medical organizations, colleges and overseas professional bodies that have been accredited by the E & AC through CME Programme Accreditors. Credit points of each course will be assessed individually and a maximum of 20 points can be awarded for self-study per year.


For accreditation by the E & AC, activities such as symposia, conferences, scientific meetings, panel discussions, workshops, etc. need to be organized by professional bodies that have been accredited by the E & AC through CME Programme Accreditors, local or overseas, and conducted by specialists or experts related to the field.


Upon prior accreditation by the E & AC through CME Programme Accreditors, regularly held activities of doctor-groups with attendance of a minimum of 5 doctors will be recognized as CME activities. These include journal meetings, case presentations, X-ray meetings, clinical pathological meetings, audio-visual viewing sessions and invited talks/presentations.


Network educational programmes which have received prior approval by accredited professional bodies, organized distance-learning, diploma courses, etc. will be granted credit points upon individual application.



Award of Certification of Satisfactory CME Activity
Registrants who have accumulated the required minimum credit points are eligible for the issue of a Certificate to certify that they have achieved a satisfactory level of CME activity over the period of review. Such a certificate can be displayed inside the doctor's office.



Use of the title "CME certified"
Registrant doctors who have accumulated the required minimum credit points during a 3-year cycle, i.e. 90 credit points, will be allowed to use the title "CME certified" on their visiting cards.

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