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7 January 2006

Exercise Prescription Certification Course

The World Health Organization recommends that "at least 30 minutes of physical activity of moderate intensity on most days of the week is already enough to provide health benefits and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, colon cancer and breast cancer." The Exercise Prescription Project is a pioneering concept in Hong Kong. The aim of Exercise Prescription is to make use of a doctor consultation to promote physical activity for patients to adopt an active lifestyle for prevention and control of chronic diseases. By means of an exercise prescription given by a doctor who has undergone training in this subject, the patient will have a clearer understanding of his/her health condition, and be motivated to take part in exercise appropriate to the health needs.


The concept of Exercise Prescription has been tested among general practitioners in countries like Australia, the USA and the UK with favourable outcomes. In 2003, the Department of Health conducted a randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of incorporating this concept into a local clinical setting. The result also showed significant improvement in clients’ motivation to do exercise.

In light of this, the first "Exercise Prescription Certification Course", organized by the Hong Kong Medical Association with the support from Department of Health, Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China, and United Christian Hospital has been successfully held in four Saturday afternoons in October and November 2005. A graduation ceremony and the official launching ceremony of the Exercise Prescription Project were successfully held on Saturday, 7 January 2006 at the United Christian Hospital to mark the beginning of the pilot project in Tseung Kwan O and Kwun Tong. It aims to provide the general practitioners the background of the Exercise Prescription Project and the points to note while prescribing exercise to their clients Doctors, especially those practising in these regions would join the meaningful task of introducing the health benefits of regular physical activity to their own patients and encouraging them in a more structured manner to lead an active lifestyle. Evaluation will be conducted to further improve the project.

Our President, Dr. CHOI Kin, Assistant Director of Department of Health, Dr. Regina CHING and President of the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China, Dr. John WONG delivered the opening speech at the graduation ceremony of the Exercise Prescription Certification Course. Dr Prof Stanley Hui, Chairman of the Training Committee was present for the presentation of certificate. Dr. CHAN Yee Shing and Dr. YEUNG Chiu Fat, Henry, Co-Chairmen of the Task Force on "Exercise for Health" co-hosted the launching ceremony of the Exercise Prescription Project. Dr. CHAN Yee Shing led all the participants sing the Chinese theme song "Exercise Prescription", which was written by himself to encourage and remind patients to do exercise. Please find appendix for the lyrics.

The Exercise Prescription Project is a good example of promoting healthy lifestyle through coordinated efforts of the Government, professional bodies, doctors in the community and other community partners. While various parties have been promoting exercise to their clients, the project enhances synergy and is believed to bring more sustained effect on health behaviours of individuals. The public is reminded to participate in regular exercise for the benefit of preventing diseases and promoting health.

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