Patient Held Records


The Hong Kong Medical Association Patient-Held Record
Carry Your Own Health Record
Further Safeguard Your Health

Objective of Patient-Held Record

The Patient-Held Record is designed and published by the Hong Kong Medical Association to foster the sharing of patient's medical information among the health and medical personnel so as to improve the level of care provided to the patients.

Use of the Patient-Held Record

The Patient-Held Record is to carry a patient's essential medical information e.g. medical history, drug allergies. When attending a doctor or other health care personnel, the patient can request his attending doctor to fill in information which is considered as essential for future reference.

Why Use a Patient Held Record

When you are required to attend different medical personnel, the booklet will serve to provide useful on-hand information to aid the decision of the medical personnel. The availability of these information is particularly important in emergency conditions, e.g. when one is in a comatose state. With the use of such record, your health will be better assured. Doctors and other medical personnel could have more on-hand information so as to ensure efficient referral, timely admission to hospital and proper continuous care.

However, it has to be emphasized that this Record is not meant to serve as a comprehensive medical record. The Hong Kong Medical Association is not responsible for the nature, completeness or accuracy of the entries made in the booklet.

The booklet is a valuable property of one's health. Please keep it in a safe place and bring it along with you at all times.

The Hong Kong Medical Association wishes to emphasize that the use of the Patient-Record is completely voluntary. If you have any suggestion or opinion concerning the Patient-Held Record, please write to:

The Hong Kong Medical Association
5/f, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building
15 Hennessy Road Wanchai, Hong Kong

Fax: (852) 2865 0943

(Patient-Held Records are available for sale at HK$2.50 per booklet)